Indoor Environmental Quality Concern - Portable 21 (Lovera) and Classroom 33 (special education room)

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 10:43am

Dear Glenwood Families,

I am writing to provide you information regarding the school system’s follow up to indoor environmental concerns filed by both parents and staff members. As you know, the HCPSS instituted a system (click here for more info) by which parents and staff members can file an Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) concern if they feel their health is being impacted by the conditions in the building. Responding to IEQ forms submitted, the Office of the Environment and Building Services visited Glenwood this week and investigated two areas of our building— portable 21 (Mr. Lovera) and classroom 33 (Special Education classroom). Potential moisture concerns were identified and it was determined that destructive and more invasive investigation would be needed since the areas were tightly enclosed and concealed. Given the fact that students were not in the building today (May 19, 2017), it proved to be the most opportune moment to examine drywall in the portable and to evaluate what may be behind the bookcases in classroom 33. The investigations performed today produced observed minor (~ 2' x2') mold growth on the back of the drywall ceiling and paper facing of the attic insulation in portable 21 and the backside of two sections of wood bookcases in classroom 33.  The damaged items were removed, sources addressed, and repairs made. Given the fact that these issues have been remediated, these two instructional areas will remain in use. However, if further issues arise and additional IEQ concerns are raised, we will cease to hold classes in these areas. I consider providing a safe, healthy environment for your children a matter of the utmost importance!

As I promised two years ago upon my arrival to Glenwood, I will be open and transparent regarding all environmental issues investigated and share the results of those investigations. The IEQ process instituted by HCPSS helps to facilitate my pledge to you. On our school website, you have access to EVERY IEQ concern that has been filed at Glenwood and the results of the investigation since this new system has been in place.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I wish you all a great weekend.


Robert A. Motley, Principal