Absence Reporting

In additional to monitoring student attendance, schools are being asked to collect more information about the student illness. As part of the Health Department's tracking of Influenza Like Illness in Howard County, schools are required to report numbers of student illness and symptoms.

If your child is absent from school because of illness, please contact the school on the first day of the absence and provide the following information:

  • Your child's name
  • The date
  • Reason for absence

You may contact the school using one of the following options:

Make up work may be requested every second day of absence. To request make up work you must call the school BEFORE 8:30 am. (All work is to be picked up between 2:30 - 3:30 the same day as requested).

Please note: For our attendance reporting purposes, a signed parent/guardian note with student's name, grade, date(s) of absence and reason will still be required upon the student's return to school.

Late Arrivals

Parents are reminded that school begins at 7:40 am, and students are expected to be in homeroom at that time.  Students arriving at 7:40 am or later must be signed in through the Front Office with a parent signature and/or a note.

Information from the Administration Regarding Excused Absences

Mr. Motley and Mrs. O'Byrne have created a form to assist parents in notifying the school about excused absences, early dismissals and late arrivals; the need for a student to go home on a bus other than their regularly assigned bus or walk to the community center or library after school. 

Extended Absences from school for vacations and religious observances

Completed forms are to be returned to Mr. Motley.