Absence Reporting/Notes from Home

Please report absences by emailing gmsabsence@hcpss.org


When a student is absent, please contact Ms. Rhinehart at 410-313-5525 (you may leave a message with student's name and reason for absence).  Make-up work may be requested the second day of absence and every second day after that. To request make-up work you must call                  Ms. Rhinehart BEFORE 8:30am. (All work is to be picked up between 2:30-3:30 the same day as requested.)

Please note: For our attendance reporting purposes, a signed parent/guardian note with student's name, grade, date(s) of absence and reason will still be required upon the student's return to school.

Late Arrivals

Parents are reminded that school begins at 7:40 am, and students are expected to be in homeroom at that time. Students arriving at 7:40 am or later must sign in through the LobbyGuard system in the front office. Parents do not need to accompany their student, but a note is required.

Early Dismissals

  • Please bring your driver's license.
  • Please allow at least 10 minutes for your child to get to the office, especially if they are in PE. You may call and request your child to come to the office if you are within a couple of miles from our school. 
  • After 1:30 please park in designated areas so our buses can line up for dismissal.
  • A school day is considered a full day if a student is present at least 4 hours.
  • It is considered a half day if a student is present 2-4 hours.
  • A student will be marked absent if they are in school less than 2 hours.

Notes from Home

Students are required to have a note signed by administration to ride a different bus, or to get off at a different stop. Students do not need a note to walk to the community center or library after school, as long as they have your approval.

When a student is going to be a car rider they should meet their ride in the parking area between the old Bushy Park building and Glenwood, students do not need a note. As an alternative, parents may have the student wait at the school and pick them up after the buses leave.

Absence Note/Alternate Bus Note from Parent 

Extended Absences from school for vacations and religious observances

Completed forms are to be returned to the front office.