Gifted and Talented Advisory Council

Thu, 09/15/2022 - 2:25pm

If you are interested and available to be a Gifted and Talented Advisory Council (GTAC) Parent Representative for our school community for this academic year, please register at the GTAC Website.

Parent Representative Job Description: Parent Representatives are the bridge between the GTAC and their school communities.

Primary Responsibilities:
    Sharing GTAC news with your school. For example, we will send you GTAC “Highlights” for you to share at platforms, such as PTA meetings. If a GTAC update is not currently part of your PTA meeting agenda, please contact your PTA President and request to continuously share GTAC highlights at upcoming PTA meetings;
    Promoting GTAC-sponsored events at your school, like our Parent Academies and the Educator Recognition. GTAC will continuously share news/events and flyers to post in your PTA e-mailings and/or school display; and
    Supporting your GT Resource Teacher(s). Occasionally checking in with them to see if/how you can provide any help or assistance with routine activities and/or with special events.

Additional Responsibilities (optional):

    Attend the Steering Committee Meetings in effort to obtain news firsthand and/or actively participate by volunteering to serve on the Steering Committee, and/or advocate for the GT Program with the Board of Education.

Our next virtual GTAC Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 16th from 7-8:00 p.m. Once you are registered as a Parent Representative, you will be placed on our email list and provided with additional information including the Google Meet code. If you are unable to attend, a highlights summary will be sent following the meeting.