The Climate Xpedition Field Trip - 6th Grade

Mon, 05/01/2023 - 6:07pm

Last week our 6th graders participated in an in-school field trip. The Climate Xpedition field experience with the Howard County Conservancy provides students with the opportunity to explore solutions to climate change, including tackling climate justice disparities. Students participated in two activities - the Hidden Carbon Cafe and the Climate Justice station.

  • At the Hidden Carbon Cafe, students chose their favorite foods for lunch and then quantified the amount of carbon required to produce each food. They discovered which foods had the greatest carbon footprint and worked with their peers to identify ways to reduce their own carbon footprint in the future. 
  • At the Climate Justice station, students learn about the importance of trees, comparing two different communities in Baltimore city based on indicators like tree canopy cover, surface temperature, and proximity to cooling centers and natural areas. Students then designed an ideal community, maximizing the tree equity score, so that all communities can experience the improved health outcomes, economic and climate benefits trees can provide.

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