Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

Fri, 08/26/2022 - 2:12pm

In order to maintain an engaging, productive learning environment,  the following expectations - for cell phones and personal technology devices - are in place for this school year:

  1. HCPSS Policy 8080 states, “Students will not use personal technology devices during non-instructional time, to include but not limited to transition between classes, lunch, recess, or in bathrooms.”
  2. All phones and personal communication devices must be away and either off or silent while in classrooms. Phones should not be set to vibrate.
  3. Cell phones are not permitted in hallways during school hours; they must be put away prior to entering school upon arrival.
  4. Earbuds/headphones are not permitted to be used or visible during the school day, unless for an instructional purpose with permission from the teacher. Earbuds/headphones should not be used or visible in the hallways or at lunch/recess, and they should be away at all times. 
  5. Personal electronic devices may not be used in locker rooms or bathrooms at any time. 
  6. Students are not permitted to videotape, audiotape, stream, or take photographs during the school day, including during the bus ride to and from school.
  7. Individuals assume full responsibility for their non-HCPSS owned technology devices. Glenwood/HCPSS is not responsible for lost, stolen, or broken property.

Any disruption to class or other educational activity may result in disciplinary action. Students who fail to adhere to this policy may have their property confiscated by any school staff member. Such property will not be returned to students and will only be returned to a parent or guardian during regular office hours.   Glenwood and/or HCPSS is not responsible for lost, stolen, or broken property.   

We will review this procedures with students, but you can help us by reviewing these expectations with your child at home. 

Thank you for your ongoing support!