Football Frenzy is Coming! November 20th and 21st!

Tue, 10/24/2017 - 9:42am

Football Frenzy, an annual fundraiser flag football event, will take place on November 20th and 21st during Related Arts.  While one grade is playing flag football, the other two grades will be working in their academic classes.  We are asking that all students at Glenwood Middle School participate in this event.  Students will sign up on teams with their friends.  We are requesting that the teams consist of no fewer than 10, and no more than 12 players.  Each team will select a captain and will participate in 4 football games (2 each day) against other students in their grade.  Students will play “FLAG FOOTBALL” as they do in their regular physical education classes.  There will be 10 football games going on at the same time on fields specially set up for this event.


Since this is a fundraising event, we are asking each student to pay a $20.00 fee to play.  The money that is raised this year will benefit the Children’s Cancer Foundation and various disaster relief projects supported by Glenwood Middle School.  This year you can pay online and will need to turn in receipt of payment with permission form.




Player Form (including captains) -


Captain Form (captains only) -


Online Payment (available for all students) -



If students are interested in playing but do not have a complete team by November 3rd or want to be put on a team, see the Physical Education staff and they will help you find a team that needs you or help to complete your team.  The last day to turn in all forms and money is November 3rd. 


If a student needs a team, they should turn in the permission slip and money and complete the online player form with “NONE” for the Captain question.  If students do not want to play in the games, we are encouraging them to still purchase a T-shirt for $20.00 to support the disaster relief efforts.