Quarter One: After School Intramurals

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 12:27pm

Fall Intramurals have started but you can still join us for academic support or fun afterschool.  Here are the first quarter offerings:


Thursdays Sponsored by Mrs. Basham Location: Art Studio (Room 39)

Students will explore a variety of media and decide as a class on projects.

Math Coaching

Students receive additional support with completing their math homework. Additional, related

practice problems are provided should assigned homework be completed prior to dismissal time.

While not intended to replace one-to-one tutoring, mathematics instructors, through working

with students towards homework completion, provide individual assistance. This intramural is

offered on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays. Be sure to sign up for the appropriate day that matches

your child’s current math course placement.

Tuesday Offerings:

*Based upon enrollment, offerings may be adjusted

• Common Core 7 & Pre Algebra GT (Mrs. Cornelius)

• Common Core 8 & Algebra (Mrs. Hurley)

Thursday Offerings:

*Based upon enrollment, offerings may be adjusted

• Pre Algebra & Algebra 1 (Mrs. Na)

Checkmate! Chess Club

Thursdays Sponsored by Mrs. Storr Location: Room 13

Playing chess has amazing benefits. For young people, it improves reading scores, math scores,

critical thinking and test taking skills. For everyone, it's a path to better problem-solving ability,

creative thinking and overall brain health. Also, it's fun. Join us for Chess Club on Tuesdays.

Homework Club

Pay one program fee and attend both HW Club programs each week. Students seeking a place to

get their HW done immediately after school, and/or need assistance organization can attend any

or all of the sessions depending on which day(s) work best for them.

● Tuesdays sponsored by Ms. Mehalko Location: Room 29

● Thursdays sponsored by Mrs. Brandt Location: Student Services


To learn more or to get an application download the attached information packet below.